About Me

Hello and welcome to Wish to Dish! Here I share the recipes that I have created and devoured: from twists on classic dishes to speedy weeknight suppers with a sprinkling of indulgent desserts for good measure.

I am a self taught cook and I continue to discover new techniques, cuisines and approaches which I use as inspiration for the food that I create and post on here. I began cooking in my late teens and since then I have never really stopped; serving meals to friends and family, hosting dinner parties even in the smallest of student kitchens, expanding my knowledge and interest in food and now creating my own recipes. As I enjoy it so much I decided to document my process through photos and share some of my recipes alongside them.


This blog is calledΒ Wish to Dish as that is basically my mantra – to enjoy food in all areas of life. I aim to work as a professional food writer and photographer eventually but in the meantime I am happy to continue cooking and baking delicious dishes for anyone who will let me – usually my family, friends and boyfriend!

Anyway, Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoy it. Email me at wishtodish@gmail.com if you have any queries, follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest (my username on all three is wishtodish) and click the subscribe button on the side bar if you would like to get email alerts when I post a new recipe.

N.B. Unless otherwise stated all photos and recipes that I post on here are my own.